Calgary Investment Management and Holding Company

Our Mission


Lexbury aims to acquire and invest a majority position in a concentrated portfolio of long-standing, well-run, cash-flowing businesses poised for strategic growth. In addition, we strive to develop internal efficiencies and cross-over benefits to the companies within the portfolio.

While adhering to the doctor’s credo of “first, do no harm”, Lexbury makes investments with a focus on long-term value sustainability and strategic, capital efficient growth initiatives.  

To learn more about why we do what we do, visit our story page.

Our Portfolio

Lexbury makes investments in small to medium-sized Canadian businesses.

Each business we invest in or acquire must pass strict criteria, including a mission statement that aligns with our core values. Contact us today to learn more about our investment process. 

Interested in Our Investment Process?

We’d like to invite you to work with the Lexbury Valuation and Investment Analysis Calculator to see what a starting point may look like.